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Documentary Films

God Sleeps in Rwanda
USA, 2004, 29 min.
Kimberlee Acquaro,Stacy Sherman

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide left the country nearly 70% female, handing Rwanda’s women an extraordinary burden and an unprecedented opportunity. God Sleeps in Rwanda is an inspiring story of loss and redemption that captures the spirit of five courageous women as they rebuild their lives and their society.

Contact: Kimberly Acquaro

The Conscientious Objector
USA, 2004,101 min.
Directors/Producer: Terry Benedict

Terry Benedict's film The Conscientious Objector is a beautiful, powerful and deeply-moving documentary about the life of Desmond T. Doss, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for acts of bravery during World War II. He was classified as a conscientious objector for his religious belief as a Seventh Day Adventist because he refused to carry a weapon or work on Saturday. He wanted to be called a "conscientious cooperator," not an objector. He refused the automatic deferment available to him since he worked in a naval shipyard. Instead, he signed up to join the Army and asked to be put on the frontlines to care for the wounded. For his bravery at the battle of Okinawa, President Harry Truman awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor, saying, "I'm proud of you, you really deserve this. I consider this a greater honor than being President."

Web Site: The Conscientious Objector

Profiles in Aspiration
USA, 2005, 47 min.
Director/Producer: Andrew Silver;

In this inspiring film, an international collection of strong, competent, and well-spoken women athletes and dancers explore the mental, emotional, and physical qualities needed to reach high levels of performance. Featured are tarantella and Irish dancers, and sports ranging from judo to water polo.

Web Site: Profiles InAspiration
Contact: Andrew Silver

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