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Jodie Markell as Wilma


Wilma (Jodie Markell) and Mathew (Barry Del Sherman), a young married couple, have been running from town to town in hopes of escaping their past, but it always catches up with them.

Wilma struggles the hardest with events that precipitated their lifestyle. She is prone to indulging in her fantasies, to the point that they appear to be real. Before it's too late, Matthew will have to confront his wife about what really happened.

Myth and religious allegories blend with candid humor to tell this story of this haunted couple's search for forgiveness and redemption.

Editors Comments 
Jodie Markell creates a searing portrait of a woman burdened by suppressed memories. This is a wonderful piece of work.
Directed by Richard Caliban, Written by Will Scheffer and Richard Caliban
Shot in Nebraska, 2002, 35mm color, 92 minutes.
Recent Screenings/Awards 
Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2003
Telluride Indiefest - best feature
Empire State Film Festival - Silver Torch and Best Actress awards
Temecula International Film Festival
Future Screenings 
Tiburon International Film Festival (March 20, 2003)
Web Site

Anima Sola Productions 
Contact: Will Scheffer 
Phone: (626) 797-6643 
Fax: (626) 628-3346 

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