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June 6, 2013


Festival Review

I've attended six festivals so far this year; Palm Springs Innternational, Santa Barbara International, Los Angeles Italia, San Diego Latino, Newport Beach, and Palm Springs Film Noir. Lots of great films. At Palm Springs in January, I loved English Vinglish and Renoir***. At Santa Barbara I was nuts about The Saphires a very entertaining film. My favorite feature film from Newport Beach was the French film Fly Me to the Moon. At Los Angeles Italia I really liked Viva Italia.

I love the three documentaries I saw at Newport Beach The Fruit Hunters, Carbon Rush, and How to Make Money Selling Drugs. These film say alot about the good and not so good going on in the world today.

I have not seen many shorts this year, but that will change with the Palm Springs Shorts Festival in June. Usually see 80 or 90. Please note that although date has moved from September to June it still gets plenty hot! It's cool however in the Camelot Theatres where the films are screened.

*** If you would like to learn more about the painter Renior, I highly recommend Susan Vreeland's book Luncheon of the Boating Party, you may remember that this was the painting Mr. Dufeal in Amelie was trying to copy for 20 years. Actually, all of Susan's books are great reads.*** ,

Info for Filmmakers

Film Festival Today (FFT) magazine has some great info on upcomimg festivals, and articles on how to start a festival, how to write a film description, how to get feedback at a film festival, and much more.

Kodak has recently updated their student website There are some excellent resources for cinematographers including an on line version of the publication In Camera on Campus.


Once again, thanks to all of you who have purchased "Career Enhancing" books and DVDs from through this site. I hate banner ads and all the other annoying things people do to make money from their sites. Your purchase of books through this site helps fund this effort to promote independent films.

On Subtitles

This is the year 2013, the new millenium, the 21st century. Films have been providing great entertainment for over 100 years, and yet we still see foreign films with subtitling that can only be described with expletives. The Italians, Chinese, Japanese, and Germans do a great job with subtitles, white or yellow letters outlined in black, but the Latin American countries and many European countries and India leave much to be desired. I just watched a wonderful Indian film that had white subtitles shown over a white clothes at the most important moments in the film. Is there some unwritten law that subtitles can't be a different color in different parts of a film? Foreign filmmakers complain that their films don't get distributed in the United States, granted Americans hate to read, but maybe filmmakers should watch their films with a critical eye after the subtitles are added and make appropriate adjustments.

Filmmakers Forum

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