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Beautiful Dreamer

A World War II bomber pilot gets shot down and ends up with amnesia. His wife Claire, thinks he's dead until several years later when she finds him in a small town, but he doesn't remember who she is. Will he ever?

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Beat The Drum

An orphaned South African boy sets off on a journey to help his grandmother and find his uncle. He carries with him a small drum, a gift from his dying father. When he returns to his village, he confronts his elders with a truth they are not prepared to hear. Beat The Drum is a touching and insightful look at the perserverance of the human soul in modern South Africa.

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After her fiancé's fatal hit-and-run, amateur photographer Molly refuses to travel by car. Yet in many other ways she becomes dangerously careless while grappling with life without love in her once-comforting Vermont town.

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Mr. Barrington

Mr. Barrington is a psychological drama about an agoraphobic poet suffering writers block and haunted by demons from her troubled past. Her husband is tormented by his inability to help his emotionally fragile wife. A mysterious stranger whose ghostly visits seem to push her to mentally and physically deteriorate.

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Em & Me

Em & Me is full of suprises, laughs and poignant moments. Em & Me traces the journey of Ernie Biglow en route from Los Angeles to Iowa. Along the way he hooks up with a quirky cast of characters on a road trip not to be missed.

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Particles of Truth

Particles of Truth is about life, love, and the fear of failing. Deprived of trust, love and confidence two loners struggle to feel worthy of success and to develop an honest connection with each other. As the truth unfolds their realities spiral out of control and we're led to an unforgettable climax where some relationships fall apart and some piece themselves together. Shown to a packed house at the IFP/Los Angeles Film Festival this great film has had some well deserved wonderful press.

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Set in a mythical town on the Nebraska plains, Easter is a poignant, sometimes humorous and deeply moving story about emptiness and loss. A touching heartland drama about a married couple, who fight through the flames of their resentment and deep sorrow, and in so doing escape the past’s bitterness and find true forgiveness -- and a sweeter, deeper love. Easter is metaphysical film that captures your attention and heart and holds them long after the screening is over. The Q & A with the director and writers after it's screening at the 2003 Santa Barbara International Film Festival lasted one-half hour and no one left the theatre; the audience was so entranced with this wonderful film.

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Anything But Love (formerly Standard Time)

Anything But Love is an homage to the type of movie that was a staple of the American movie-goers diet in the 1940's and 1950's. Shot in an approximation of Technicolor, and employing many of the techniques made popular by such legendary filmmakers as Vincent Minelli and Arthur Freed, Anything But Love recollects such films as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, Band Wagon or Pillow Talk, while presenting an original story set in contemporary Manhattan. Anything But Love is an experience in nostalgia, not only for the good ol' days of post-war America but for the good ol' days before 9/11.

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Children On Their Birthdays

A mysterious girl steps off a bus and into the hearts of everyone who meets her, changing a small Southern town forever. Based on a classic short story by master storyteller, Truman Capote, Children On Their Birthdays tells the story of a time when America was innocent - a story of true freendship, new love and coming of age.

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Outpatient is an intriguing psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat for 105 minutes. Flawless casting, acting worthy of award nominations, and a multi-layered story that combines mystery with romance, this film is a powerful cinematic experience.

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Liberty, Maine

A heart warming, beautifully made film, LIberty Main is about a young man who goes home after a long absence to confromt issues with his estranged father.

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Little Crumb

Little Crumb is a very sweet, heart warming, wonderfully made film about a 10-year-old boy searching for his self and his lost parents

Length: 99 minutes Format: 35mm Language: English Subtitles

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