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Maximum Capacity

Maximum Capacity


As the jury breaks for deliberation, Glen (John Bourgeois) , the father of the murdered girl leaves the courtroom for some fresh air. Hounded by a reporter, he sees an elevator door open and leaps in to escape. Once inside, he finds himself riding with Eli (Eugene Lipinski), the father of the accused.

Trapped between floors when the elevator gets stuck, the two men are forced to confront each others hates and fears and the pains of fatherhood during a tragedy. Ultimately, each begins to understand the incomprenhensible and see the world through the others eyes. In their journey to find justice, revenge and redemption, the two men emerge from the elevator having found tolerance.

Editors Comments 
A beautifully crafted film with an outstanding story and superb acting.
Shot in Canada, 2001, 35mm color, 19 minutes.
Recent Screenings 
Palm Springs International Short Film Featival 2001
Yorkton - nominated for best film, best actor (Eugene Lipinski)
New York Festival best dramatic film finalist
NSI Film Exchange
Future Screenings 

Frigate Films Inc.
James Hyslop Writer/Director
488 Brunswick Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2Z5
416-922-9495 ph
416-922-8780 fx 

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