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Cries From Ramah
USA, 2005, 15 min.
Director: Loren Chadima

Two mothers - one Israeli, and the other Palestinian- who lost their sons in a suicide bombing, confront one another in a police station while an investigator tries to uncover what happened.

Comment: Hatred is loose-loose situation.

Contact: Loren Chadima

A Question of Loyalty
USA, 2005, 14 min.
Director: Randall Wilkins; Producer: David Boyd;

During a power failure, Albert Krentz answers a knock at his door and invites a young stranger into his 1930s apartment. When the stranger, Paul Schmidt, expresses his condolences for the man's loss of his son, he proceeds to reveal information to Dr. Krentz that will change his life forever.

Comment: A powerful statement about freedom of speech, or the lack thereof.

Contact: Randall Wilkins

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